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We are proud to have incredibly creative, skilled artists working on our team collectively bringing our best talents together. The impact is greater when we join our creative efforts into one focused vision. Respecting each other's skill sets, ideas and autonomy is a value we cherish. We also really like each other!

Sondra Gerber

The Leader and Designer

Sondra is a positive, energetic and compassionate leader within her business and life. She is a forward thinking visionary whose purpose drives her encouraging spirit and passion for people. Sondra pushes through resistance to reflect inward, creating a path for new ideas, traveling at a high velocity and inspiring others.


Sondra’s love for nature and gardening is truly realized throughout her work. She also draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, mid-century modern, historical master artists and the creatives on her team. She seeks out innovative techniques and new technology and maintains a continued curiosity in life. Her lifestyle flexes to accommodate the creative process in various ways; by working in the metal shop, sketching out new designs, digging in the garden for inspiration, or problem solving with her team in the studio.

Jason has mastered a broad spectrum of skills and wears many hats, from accountant to web master to customer service, and we must mention... skateboard extraordinaire! He is our go-to guy if we need a crazy idea or genius fix for anything mechanical or electronic. Jason is a compassionate, understanding person that takes the time and patience to work through any creative problem by seeing and understanding the whole picture. He also has a great eye for design! 


Jason Gerber

Jennifer Cleveland

Our glass master, Jennifer, is skilled in kiln-formed glass, a major part of our sculpture designs. This is only one of her many contributions, including painting, assembly, packing, editing and soooo much more (like baking for us). Jennifer is detail oriented, fiercely focused and considerate of others. She combines humor and snark alongside fostering a peaceful working environment that is full of joy and encouragement. She even laughs at Sondra's jokes!


Troy Devine

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Troy loves to create with his hands, and does he ever! He is the man behind the radiant finishes that are applied to the sculptures. Utilizing a grinder, he "draws" reflective patterns onto the surface of the aluminum, creating a luminescent look. He also assists with assembly, inventory, and maintaining the metal shop. 

Troy is an honest, dependable, hard working person that always has a positive attitude. As a pet enthusiast, he makes sure our cat, Bonnie, gets proper amounts of petting, play time and improper amounts of food!

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