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Sondra's sculptures are made from laser cut aluminum, and polished to a reflective pattern. Other areas of interest are added, including kiln-formed glass, acrylic, wood and more. Finishes incorporated on the metals include powder-coating, translucent paints and sandblasting.



Special attention is paid to our sculpture projects from start to finish, down to the tiniest detail. Site location is taken into consideration when designing each piece to perfectly suit it to its environment. We design for aesthetics, durability, safety and functionality. Special effects like smoke, lighting, sound and movement further customize the sculpture. 

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Aluminum is our preferred alloy choice due to its beautiful sheen, resistance to corrosion, and its light weight strength. It responds well to the processes of hand polishing, grinding and sandblasting. Aluminum is the perfect backdrop for other accent materials.

Kiln-formed Glass adds color and dimension with cut and layered pieces, fired into a stacked design. Crushed or ground glass "frits" are added, and the layers are kiln fired until forming one solid piece. The result is a thick, resilient panel that is very durable.


Acrylic that is laser-cut or etched is used when a colorful, translucent effect is desired. We use only top quality, exterior rated grade acrylic materials, available in a wide rage of colors and different thicknesses. 

Wood adds a beautiful warmth when added to the aluminum pieces. The types of wood depend upon the installation site requirements (in or outdoors) and the aesthetic appeal desired.


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 Sondra Gerber’s aluminum sculptures display an intimate interaction between shape, shadow, reflection and movement. The use of positive and negative shapes within the intricate cutwork of her designs cast alluring shadows that interact with the piece itself. Carefully planned out patterns and textures are ground into the surface to reflect light, creating the appearance of movement. She assembles the metal into multiple layers, challenging the spectator to look beyond just the surface.


Sondra graduated from Colorado Art Institute in the early 90’s with an emphasis in fashion design. With a mind for three-dimensional design she playfully experimented with a variety of mediums ranging from fabric to wood to wire. Her career as a metal sculptor sparked when she took her first welding class in 2001 at Metro Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. 


After decades of designing and sculpting, Gerber continues to push her creative process by maintaining an openness to new ideas through collaboration, seeking innovative techniques and fresh technology. She draws her inspiration from her beautiful flower gardens, as well as Scandinavian and midcentury modern designs. 


Sondra has commissioned indoor and outdoor sculpture installations for corporate, nonprofit and residential clients across the country. She has also donated her time and artwork to many organizations. Sondra’s sculptures are available in over 100 galleries and museums nationwide and are sold in several major art catalogs. Her work has been highlighted in many print publications and her process was featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” in 2007. Sondra Gerber owned and operated her own gallery, Blue Pomegranate Gallery, from 2001-2019.

Sondra Gerber

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