Hand-crafted Aluminum Sculpture



Sondra Gerber designs each one of her original aluminum sculptures. They are then intricately cut by laser, hand ground with reflective patterns, manually bent, assembled and sealed with a clear coat, all in her home studio by Sondra and her team. Many pieces are painted with transparent colors to allow the texture of the metal to shine through. Kiln-formed glass is also created and added to some of the metal sculptures for extra color and dimension.

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Sondra's sculpture studio is an upbeat, secure, proactive and beautiful working environment for her small team of assistants. Each team member works from their area of enthusiasm and expertise further propelling our project goals. Joyfully curating an environment of honor and friendship in addition to the artwork supplements the flow of creativity throughout each process. Every morning's planning session centers around gourmet coffee and brainstorming new ideas.  



Is there a space in your home, business or garden that needs a personal artistic touch?

We can create the perfect piece for you, one that suits your specific style and size needs.


See our CUSTOM SCULPTURE page for more information.

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